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Most professional dog trainers in Sacramento, California use shock collars, cage dogs 23+ hours per day, bribe dogs with food, and call that dog training?

Most dog training does not work in real life and often makes many behavior problems much worse. This page will teach you how to shop for dog training and about who you can trust.

A kennel is nothing like your home, hurting an animal to train it is wrong and unnecessary. Electronic collar "training" is little more than cute pet tricks, and the dog will never be off-leash obedient in a million years like in our pictures.

This is why 99% of the other dog trainers do not have photos like the ones on this website. If the dogs were really trained, they would not need shock collars, choke chains, leashes or food-bribery.

Relationship-Based Obedience

We are primarily concerned with temperament and interactions.

Your dog's behavioral training is important because there won't be any "Sit" and other dog training commands if you dog jumps all over you, is pushy or aggressive, mouthy, barking or just plain old pushy and rude.

99% of dog trainers though primarily focus on commands, not things that make dogs cooperative, and easy to live with and be around.

Relationship-Based Obedience

Sacramento David Baron the Dog Trainer

All dogs can be trained to the same level of obedience. Housetraining especially is often a big issue for small dog owners though. We guarantee that no dog trainer in Sacramento or anywhere is better with correcting and controlling behavior problems with small or large breeds. Call Dave's Dog Training Sacramento for Large, Small and Toy breeds.

No trainer is better at training small dogs in Sacramento or loves them more.



People often ask if we guarantee our service. We answer that we guarantee that their dog will never get trained if they are unable or unwilling to follow directions and practice. We can't guarantee that you are willing or able to do what is necessary to train your dog. Nevertheless, Dave's Dog Training in Sacramento has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for In-Home Private Lessons or Dog Boarding Training.


You are definitely in the right place if you are looking for dog training in Sacramento or dog trainers in Sacramento. Professional Dog Training with a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE is a sure bet for you

No one loves dogs and people more and is better at both training dogs and their owners to get results like you see in our photographs.

This group of dogs cooperate and work as a single unit.

The Superdog program is all about Cooperation-image.

Photographs are the dog training credentials you should demand to see.

What you get when you hire a dog trainer in Sacramento or elsewhere is someone to teach you techniques and how to be a dog trainer yourself. Obedience training is about you having a relationship with your dog and the dog responding to you. It doesn't matter if the dog trainer in Sacramento can train your dog; what matters is that the dog responds to you.

What you see in a dog trainer's photo and video portfolio is what you can expect to receive for your money and is a reflection of the dog trainer's education and competency.

Working together with other dogs-image.

Better to hire a great dog training in Sacramento the first time around. Most of the dog training in Sacramento available is Food-Bribery which often later causes dominant and aggressive behavior towards people and other dogs. Our program is based on training dogs using Love, Praise, Affection and Friendship as motivators instead of bribing with food for everything.

A well-organ ized hunting group-image.

What a well-regimented, well-organized, trained pack looks like.

Regimented dogs forming squads-image.

These trained dogs break off into task-oriented squads on command.

Dogs are happier trained and so are the people.

Most behavior problems can be controlled during the first lesson. Dogs and their owners learn much faster with the whole family participating in the solution. Your puppy can be trained while other people are waiting months and months for their puppy's final series of shots to begin classes. Dave's Dog Training Sacramento is the solution for your dog.


Whether you need your dog On-Leash or Off-Leash obedience trained, we can help you with professional and effective dog training. This website has information and services for those looking for In-Home Lessons, Dog Boarding Training, puppy classes, behavior training for their aggressive or dominant dog.


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