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Q: What exactly is OFF-LEASH dog obedience training?

Off-Leash is when people come over and you put your dog on "Down-Stay" and do not need to get a leash.

Off-Leash is when you go out to your car, or work in your yard and the dog will hang out with you, and not run down the street.

Off-Leash is never having to put your dog on a leash to obey you or to be under your control.

Off-Leash is pulling over on the side of the freeway to let your dogs out to take a leak and opening the car door 5 minutes later and they jump back in.

Off-Leash is being able to take your dog to work with you everyday and he or she is always good and never has to wear a leash ever.

Q: How is it you get dogs off-leash trained in 4 or 5 lessons?

Because we know what we are doing and are effective for most dogs and owners.

Q: Why does virtually every other dog trainer in Sacramento need 6, 8 or even 16 weeks just to teach basic obedience on a leash?

All the reputable trainers we know need only 2 to 3 lessons to teach basic obedience. The mark of an amateur or a hobbyist is that they do not know how to teach Off-Leash and do not advertise it. Be warned, if someone tells you that it takes weeks and weeks of classes to train your dog.

Q: Why don't you use treats or compulsion to train dogs?

Next to hitting or forced obedience, using treats is the worst way to train a dog. Using treats makes many dogs aggressive and encourages dominant behavior---behavior that often leads to a death sentence. Besides, using treats and force does not work for most dogs or their owners.

Q: If you don't use treats or compulsion, what do you use?

Something that motivates dogs far more profoundly than food or force-- Love, Praise, Affection, Attention and Friendship.

Q: Do you say "NO" to dogs?

With our program you will say "NO" much much less immediately. We elicit cooperation and teach you how to get your dog's respect by being the friend and master. You will never need to nag, beg, yell at or scare your dog ever again. This is the core of our program.

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Q: Will group obedience classes help me with my dog's problem?

Group classes will not help problems such as aggression, jumping up, whining, bolting, inappropriate marking, excessive barking, shyness, digging, chewing, biting, and running away.

Forget about obedience if the causes of problems and psychological issues have not been addressed properly at the home.

Q: Will this take a lot of my time?

We teach basic obedience in 2 or 3 lessons. We have dogs off-leash obedient in 4 or 5 lessons.

Q: How soon should I start my puppy?

As soon as possible so you do not make mistakes owners make, such as yelling, getting frustrated, inappropriate feeding schedules and praise, using the wrong toys and poor leadership.

Our lessons are in your home so you don't have to worry about taking the puppy out before the final series of shots.

Q: How EXACTLY do you train dogs and modify behavior?

Just like if you asked a doctor exactly how he healed the sick or a police officer how she upheld the law, they might answer that unless discussing a specific or hypothetical case, the question is overly broad because there are infinite circumstances involved. Every dog breed, and owner have their own unique set of circumstances, problems and needs. We get results fast because we do not have one METHOD, but instead treat everyone as individuals and design a program that works best for them. Everything we do to control problems and to instill obedience is consistent with the answer to the next question.

Q: Will dog training affect my dog's personality? I want a happy dog.

Dog training should be fun for both you and your dog. If done right, it brings your dog to life because he or she will know how to please you. Good training enhances a dog's personality, bonds dog to master, and makes it easier to spend time with your best friend.

It is very important for you to be fun, fair and firm with your dog. What firm means is making the rules. If you don't make the rules, your dog will make them, and you won't like them. A good dog trainer can show you how to make the rules without bribing with treats, being mean, yelling, hitting, and without you getting frustrated, depressed or angry.

Q: How much time do I need to practice?

Besides walking your dog, you will need to set aside 5 to 7 minutes two times a day to practice obedience initially. Within a short time you can then integrate obedience into your normal routine and everyday relationship with your dog.

Q: Why aren't you a "Positive Reinforcement" trainer?

We do use positive reinforcement, that is praise, love, affection, attention and friendship.

When you hear "Positive Reinforcement" it is bribing with treats. It is slow, unreliable and does not work in real life. Real life is when there are distractions present or no treats to bribe with. Why would you want bribe dogs using treats when you can get them to listen to your voice in less time and be much more responsive too?

Almost half of our customers have been through "Positive Reinforcement"training and they tell us the horror stories (then having to hire a real trainer, worse aggression, worse eliminating in the house, worse barking, lost dogs, being left with no other choice than having to euthanize their dog, neurosis and self-mutilation.

Q: Do you ever use treats for training?

Almost never. There is no time to run back in the house and get treats before your dog gets hit by a car in the street. Your dog should do what you say every time because you say so, not because there are treats. Do you really think that if you called your dog and he/she had a choice between a cat, a chicken, another dog or a treat, that he would choose the treat? Dogs that are trained with treats are not trained, but conditioned to do cute tricks. What if your dog is not hungry or motivated by treats? What then, do you get rid of it?

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