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We specialize in OFF-LEASH dog training and Behavior Problem Solving in the Sacramento Region.

  Training dogs with food does absolutely nothing to control most bad behavior?

Most people call dog trainers because their dog is out-of-control. Do you really think bribing your dog with food will make it less aggressive towards other dogs, children and neighbors?

  Does your BIG DOG want to kill small dogs and cats?


Would taking this big dog to dog training classes stop it from viciously attacking the small dogs at the home? Don't listen to amateur trainers holding group classes.

Food-Bribery pet shop and park district trainers are usually the first ones to tell you that your dog cannot be trained and should be euthanized when their treat-bribery method does not work. You can't wait until the big dog bites a small dog in the chest, then give him a treat when he quits attacking. When you hear "Positive Reinforcement" and "Clicker Training" think Food-Bribery. How will treats stop an aggressive dog from attacking and biting? They won't.

Some people would rather you euthanize your dog rather than admit the they actually know virtually nothing about canine behavior and will not admit that they can't help you or your dog. They will tell you that it is for the good of the dog and that attempts to try and save the dog are torture to the dog. They also argue that last ditch training efforts at saving difficult dogs is setting the owner up for failure and danger.

We don't believe in giving up on a dog that someone loves. We can help you with even your most difficult dog or problem.

Remember this just in case someone tells you that your dog can't be trained.

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