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Puppy Behavior and Aggression Experts

Chanel and Bruski on "Stand-Stay"

Dog Psychology Method

Most people with puppies wait until their dog is close to a year old to call the dog trainer--after habits have been ingrained in the dog's mind for months and months. They could have got an adult dog, but wanted a puppy, which is basically a clean slate.

Your should start Puppy Classes Sacramento as soon as you bring your puppy home to make sure no bad habits and behavior develop. The puppy can learn potty training, not to jump on people, not to bite, whine, scratch, bark and destructive chew. The most important thing people with puppies need to learn is how not to make mistakes that can make the overall training much more difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible. You only have one chance to do it right with your puppy. With us, it doesn't cost any more to start your puppy as soon as you get it. Call for Puppy Classes Sacramento.

The Off-Leash Dog Trainers®

Puppy Behavior and Aggression Experts in Sacramento

Training your puppy right from the start is critical if you want to have the best dog ever. Older dogs can be trained to a high level too, but it is not the same as doing everything right from the start.

Affordable and really good dog trainers.

These dogs are our references:

Bruski, Chanel, Mika, Archie, Happy, Kix

Six good dogs.

We show you how to get your dog to love, respect and trust you more than anything else in the world.

Puppy Classes Sacramento™ is about you having a relationship with your dog and him or her responding to what you say.

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Sullivan and Mika playing.

Some decisions in life are very difficult and can't be undone.

In Sacramento County, only a third of the puppies remain in the original home. Call us if someone ever tells you the right thing to do is destroy your dog because it is aggressive or can't be trained. Sometimes in life it might be better to seek a second opinion, especially when someone is telling you to kill your dog or that you need to surrender it.

The dog training, all the money you spend on your dog, and your time and effort will be out the window if you can't keep your dog. "Sit" doesn't make a dog good. What makes a dog good is not having problems. Obedience commands are just the icing on the cake. A good dog trainer is all about not having problems in the future either.

Mika the Siberian Husky

There is something out there that makes a lot more sense and is a thousand times more effective than food-bribery, clickers, choke chains and kennel training.



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